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Projects I managed and Developed For


This page contains a comprehensive look at some of my best professional projects throughout the years.

Under the Table (July 2019 - Current)

Roles: Co-Director, 2D Artist, 2D Animator, Composer, Voice Actor, Audio Specialist, Social Media Manager, Video Editor


Project Description: An ongoing online series with the purpose of quality storytelling and entertainment. The format is semi-animated, with podcast-like audio setup and cartoon-like visuals. I participated in planning, audio editing, composition of the soundtrack, creation of 2D graphics and backgrounds, collaborative 2D intro animations, collaborative video editing, and promotional material.

Seed Search (May 2021 - September 2021)

Roles: Project Manager, Art Lead, 3D Modeler, UI Designer, Script-Writer, Voice Actor, Concept Artist


Project Description: An augmented reality application designed to teach scientific principles to young students who have difficulty learning in the typical classroom setting. I was the project manager and handled the entire workflow, as well as oversaw visual direction and narrative.

Loop Lash (November 2021 - Current)


Roles: Independent Developer - 3D Artist, 3D Animator, Programmer, 2D Artist, UI Designer, Composer


Project Description: A Virtual Reality Minigame created independently to showcase abilities learned and practiced in the GIMM major. I programmed and designed the entire user experience as well as visual aesthetic.

Gear Up Idaho (July 2020 - Current)


Roles: Project Manager, Consultant, Videographer


Project Description: Gear Up Idaho teamed up with the GIMM (Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technologies) for two consecutive years in providing students the opportunity to learn principles of game development and the team environment. I oversaw and lead summer courses, tutorial creation, individual coordination, and progress for 6 involved schools across Idaho to create and publish complete applications to help their communities.

GIMM Studio (August 2021 - Current)


Roles: Art Director, 3D Modeler, Concept Artist


Project Description: A Virtual Reality space for the GIMM (Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technologies) major to interact, showcase their projects, and play minigames.

Animotions (August 2020 - December 2020)

Roles: 2D Artist, UI Designer, Composer


Project Description: An augmented reality application designed to teach young children on the autism spectrum emotional recognition skills. I was the 2D artist and composer, therefore in charge of atmosphere and designing a soothing user interface for a relaxing experience. 

GIMM Life (August 2021 - May 2022)

Roles: Videographer, Media Manager


Project Description: A social media marketing campaign for the GIMM Major (Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology) with the purpose of recruitment. I assisted with Media Management, as well as filmed, edited, and produced a video series documenting GIMM.

ABC Stories (August 2019 - January 2020)

Roles: 2D Artist, 2D Animator


Project Description: An AR application designed to help teach students handwriting. It was a lengthy course built with engagement and enjoyment in mind for the students, as well as measurability for the use of therapists. It was developed in association with therapists and included advanced data visualization techniques.

Foundations for Literacy (January 2019 - August 2019)

Roles: 2D Artist, Concept Artist


Project Description: A project that consisted of redesigning an old curriculum for deaf students into an updated phone application. I had to adapt many visuals into an easily understood format with illustration.

Dino Wars (September 2021 - November 2021)

Roles: 3D Artist


Project Description: A rapid prototyping assignment where we were tasked with creating a multiplayer game within a six week span. I was tasked with creating the dinosaur, block, and railgun models and their textures. It was a learning experience in rapid prototype asset creation.

Blue Thunder Performance Animation: A 2D Animation made in association with the Blue Thunder Marching Band at Boise State University. I lead a team of 10 artists over a six week period to deliver a Video Game themed animation that played on the jumbotron alongside a live performance by the Marching Band.

Roles: Project Manager, 2D Animator, Background Artist, Concept Artist

VR Bus Simulation: A VR simulation developed to assist people with disabilities in taking the bus independently, including proper etiquette, accurate environments, and supplementary learning tools. I had a heavy hand in designing the environment with user experience as a big focus.

Roles: 3D Artist, Concept Artist

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